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Roger & Kathy    20 December 2008 14:21 | Corwith ,IA
My brother-in law went and seen this and sent me your web site. Looks awesome :grin

Keith & Mandy    19 December 2008 23:30 | Mooresville, NC
Awesome light show! Thanks for providing us with a little Christmas joy. And thanks most of all for you message. Loved last year and you made it even better for 2008.

Lenny and Sue    19 December 2008 19:25 | Statesville, NC
First time for us and it was FANTASTIC! Loved every tune, light, etc. What a blessing you are giving to families of the area. :grin

Lori    18 December 2008 22:36 | Mooresville
Last year saw the light display and loved it.My church is not from it :grin :grin

Lois & Ron Rich    18 December 2008 21:00 | Mooresville NC
Great job !

Griffin & Casey    18 December 2008 19:17 | Mooresville
The show was AWESOME. We loved it. It is a part of our holiday tradition.

Marcus Clarkus    17 December 2008 11:14 | Mooresville, NC
You have outdone yourself this year. Truly a great display and is now part of our holiday tradition. It is a great testimony to the meaning of the season.

John 3:16

kisha bauer    15 December 2008 20:06 |
btw the jkj is supposed to be music notes and the e is supposed to be a heart.

Kisha bauer    15 December 2008 20:03 | harrodsburg, kentucky
This is so cool! I loved the lights and the music jkj. Have a merry christmas!


Marian and Dick Baue    15 December 2008 19:55 | Harrodsburg, KY
Our daughter sent this link as they had been to see your display. Awesome! We wish we could see it in person like our family in Mooresville did, but it is beautiful online. God bless you and Merry Christmas from the Bauers :)

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