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Raymond & Desiree Sa    07 December 2008 21:12 | St. Johnsville New York
What an amazing show! Mom lives in Cornelius, NC and sent us the link to your page and told us that we had to watch it. She was right it is amazing! :p

mccomas family    07 December 2008 20:14 | mooresville
WOW what a cool show! Thanks for sharing this amazing montage of lights! Merry Christmas!

Heather Fuller    05 December 2008 22:39 | Davidson
Hello James Family.
I'd like to say, thank you for being willing to spread the Christmas joy & spirit through your light show. I know many people have enjoyed it, & the more people I recommend to go see it, the more things I hear about how much they, and their families loved it. I love coming every year and seeing the joy on my little sister's face, minute after minute; second after second. I am the grand-daughter of Randy and Linda Smith, and I know they love to see the show every year too. My "Pa" really appreciates all the hard work, time, and effort you put into your show. People cannot help but to put a smile on their face everytime one of their favorite Christmas songs come on.
I truly and greatly appreciate all your time, effort, and hard work put into this project. I love seeing the looks on peoples' faces after a show like yours. I cannot wait to share the delights of this show with my kids, & generations to come. Merry Christmas & God Bless You. :)

Eddie & Tammy Pearce    04 December 2008 20:02 | Salisbury
AWESOME JOB WAYNE!!! Amazing to watch, you have more patience than I do!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! :p :eek

Randy & Linda Smith    04 December 2008 19:31 | Davidson ,NC
We admire your talent and spirit of the season. We have sent your web address to many friends and family

The juniors`    04 December 2008 19:15 | white oaks rd. Mooresville
Just came to see your lights. They are great. Glad to see them on. we were worried that wit the economy & all you might not have it this year. We think it`s better than last year. Thanks for focusing on the birth of Christ. We will be sending lots of people your way. Thanks for the show! :)

Jennifer    01 December 2008 14:58 | Mooreville
Enjoy your lights! Looks like a lot of work. I loved the TSO music last year. You're 2 miles from our house, so we'll probably be by sev. times this season. BTW, how do your neighbors feel about us "invaders?"

Michael Sherrill    30 November 2008 21:00 | Woodcrest Rd.

Samantha    30 November 2008 13:18 |
This is so awesome I love all of the videos you are awesome!!! It makes my eyes tired I am like :p

Nicole    29 November 2008 20:59 | Mooresville
That is awesome it is soo amazing how u do all that...hope u do it every year

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