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wallleyes    21 January 2010 18:32 | Minnesota
Outstanding display even seeing it online only.Had to watch a few of them 3-4 times.

wallleyes    21 January 2010 18:31 | Minnesota
Outstanding display even seeing it online only.Had to watch a few of them 3-4 times.

craftylag    17 January 2010 14:20 | Chesapeake ohio
Good Job

Marcia Place    30 December 2009 20:14 | Mooresville, NC
Again, we can't thank you enough for all the Christmas spirit. Hope the many good people that enjoy your display every year will win over the few who choose to ruin it and we will once again be able to enjoy your hard work next year.

Kathy Fox    30 December 2009 17:54 | Stony Point
My Niece Brought me to see your light and musci display it was fabulous. I hope to bring my family to see it next year. Thank you so much for your Christmas Spirit. And I like The Song Christmas with a capitol C That is my Vote. Sincerely Kathy Fox :p :)

the hunters    26 December 2009 21:15 | mooresville nc
Thank you so much for the joy you have brought to many people. You and your family are indeed angels in disguise. I understand your decision for I too am amazed at the disrespect that some people have. God Bless your family and your heart.

The Stanley Family    24 December 2009 22:41 | Mooresville
We visit your home every year with the kids. I think I probably love it even more than they do! Thank you so very much for all your hard work ... it's beautiful and amazing!

Carney Family    24 December 2009 14:12 | Catawba, NC
Great display. God Bless and Merry Christmas. People can be so disrespectful but if it were easy and cheap everyone would do it and it wouldnt mean so much. Thank you for your display.

Kate    24 December 2009 12:12 | Hunbersville
Please don't go. We love it and it's our family tradition. Maybe the Mooresville police will be willing to help keep an eye on things.

The Cook Family    24 December 2009 09:16 | Denver, NC
We just discovered your light show this year and we all were amazed!!!! Its is SOOO awsome your Family has the wounderful heart to provide such a great show for everyone for free!! I really hate that some people cant respect your hard work and your time and money!! We LOVE your show and hope you will decide to bring it back next year!!!

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